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In this blog employees of the Elsewedy Technical Academy (STA) – teachers, trainers managers, curriculum experts, social media specialist and others - write about their work, the challenges and about the successes in their daily work. We also encourage guest authors, for example from the numerous companies where students are trained and cooperating organisations to participate in our discussions.

Through this blog we would like to present our approaches and procedures to an interested professional audience and encourage discussion, imitation and further development of our approaches.

The general thrust of the STA is briefly outlined in a few keywords: We are a private technical secondary school in Egypt that works according to the principles of the German dual system of vocational education and training. In concrete terms, this means that the students or trainees are learning in school two days a week and are trained in a company four days a week.

As we are active in the field of formal education in Egypt, we are subject to the corresponding regulations of our most important cooperation partner, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education. Within the scope of our possibilities we apply a modern approach, which can be described with the words student-centered education and training under inclusion of modern information and communication technologies. In a way, we want to bring the internet into the classroom and understand the teacher more as a facilitator and not as a mediator of knowledge to be learned.

We therefore support the students in their active process of acquiring the necessary competences. This active acquisition process must of course be stimulated, guided and controlled, which we see as the most important task of our teachers. Furthermore, we maintain a holistic approach that encompasses the three learning areas of knowledge, skills and attitude. We pay particular attention to the latter area because we are convinced that good vocational training and education also includes competences which can only be acquired in real work and production situations and which cannot be taught in the classroom.

We wish you interesting insights into our work and would be very pleased to receive your feedback at blog@sta.edu.eg

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Uwe Wieckenberg
Technical & Programme Director

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