Social Media in Schools and Educational Institutions

Social Media in Schools and Educational Institutions
Social media in general can be used for marketing as well as for the purpose of teaching and learning. This article provides a brief overview how STA is using social media for marketing and why social media are useful for the STA as private technical secondary school. As it is quickly becoming one of the main forms of communication, here at STA we think it’s important for schools to go ahead and incorporate it in as one of the ways they connect with staff, students, parents and the community.

Social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) can be defined as websites or applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

The key advantage of the usage of social media is that an educational institution can adopt digital marketing tactics to promote its reputation, keep news up to date, and keep ahead of other schools by promoting its visibility.

There are five main reasons why educational institutions should use social media and that’s how STA is adopting it for its favor.

1. Improved Loyalty

These days students are continuously connected to the internet e.g. through their mobiles or tablets and can rapidly transmit information to friends, family, and other connections. A strongly motivating effect is when students appear on the front page of a social media application. They will share this information with their friend outside the school and post their photos inside the campus and feeling proud to be a part of this school. Regarding the fact that within the dual system of technical training the STA is cooperating closely with companies where the students complete their practical training, the link between theoretical and practical training is also strengthened when postings are shared with company employees.

2. Improved brand awareness & better communication

One of STA’s main objective is to attract companies and factories to collaborate in joining the dual system and providing training positions as well as job opportunities for students after graduation. Using social media will not only increase visibility. It is one of the most stress-free and profitable marketing platforms. With our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages we significantly increased our brand recognition, promoting the programmes, and maintain good relations with students, parents, companies and all the stakeholders of STA. In the case of STA we are able to reach tens of thousands of potential students and their parents with practically no fees. This allows the school to communicate news, exam results, milestones and other important events that might come at short notice.

3. Cost Effective

Comparing to other advertising costs, social media marketing is possibly the most cost-effective way. All what is needed is to have an account on different platforms and keep the audience updated. However, paid advertising will generate more exposure and better visibility to have a better accuracy regarding the target groups.

4. Increased traffic

By sharing our content on social media, we are giving users a reason to click-through to our website which gives comprehensive and structured information and facilitating the enrolment procedure.

5. Instant feedback & easy to measure results

Online platforms are the quickest way to deliver your message to the target audience. Once you do a promotional plan, businesses can get instant feedback on the promotional strategy applied.

In our case we get our feedback on various news updates and decision instantly, that makes taking any corrective action more effective. Digital and social media are considered as the most accurate tools for an effective and efficient marketing.

Different Platforms

As an educational institution STA has many stakeholders that need to be communicated, so we choose the suitable communication platform accordingly.

Currently we cover three main platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) to be able to communicate with each target audience and stakeholder with the stories that might be of interest for this specific group.

For example, our Facebook page – targeting mainly the actual and potential students and their parents – has more than 51,000 fans. It is used for regular news, admission inquires, news and getting general feedback.

Instagram is used as the online photo gallery for STA, where most of events media are being uploaded as it is considered an visual based platform.

For B2B purposes, job vacancies etc., we use LinkedIn as the main tool, and publishing the stories that might interest other businesses and potential clients.

You can check STA's official accounts using the following links:

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Digital Marketing and social media specialist


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